Technical specification
Mira x-plan is supplied as a dry product consisting a special cement, sand, bonding agent, plastic, fibre and additives.

Technical data:
Contents: chemical cement, mineral filler, binding media, plastic, fibre and additives

Layer thickness                     - cement based substrate 2-50 mm
                                                  - wooden based substrate 5-50 mm
                                                   - above cables for el-heating min. 5-10 mm

Compressive strength                                                                         Class C 25*
Flexural strength                                                                                   Class F 6*
Bond strength                                                                                        Class B 1,0*
Dry density                                                                                              1,7 kg/l
pH coefficient                                                                                        11 12
Spreading (flow-test)                                                                           135-145 mm

Application time within                                                                      30 min.
Light traffic after                                                                                  Approx. 2 hrs.
Ready for covering                                                                              6 12 hrs.

* According to EN 13813:2002 (E)

Packing: X-plan is packed in 25 kg plastic-strengthened paper bags.

Storage and transportation: Transport and store dry. Storage period: min. 1 year from the production date in unopened bags